sundaysfit is an online based clothing brand established in 2021. The main concept of the brand is to create comfortable yet stylish loose fitting tee for everyday looks. Everyday wear should be simple and comfortable. Thus, sundaysfit loose fitting tee is comfortable enough to lounge at home yet chic enough to wear it out. They are also easy to put together for different occasions. Every tee has its own message to deliver because we want to remind you to take care of yourself and love yourself more. 


In the middle of pandemic in 2020, we spent the whole year at home as our movement were restricted and were only allowed to go certain places like the grocery store, bank, and restaurant. We were tired of dressing down at home so we make sure to wear our best yet practical when we had a chance to go out. This has lead us to the idea of creating outfits that are casual to wear at home and cool to wear it out for a quick errands run, coffee run or grocery run.


All our garments are made out of cotton and the designs are created in Malaysia. We are using vinyl heat press printing & silkscreen method to make our tees.