What to do on a Sunday Chor Yat?

What to do on a Sunday Chor Yat?



Food is always a guaranteed part of the occasion, because what's CNY without food, right? While each family and dialect group have their own specialties for the Chinese New Year, there are several common dishes especially for reunion dinner. These foods such as steamed fish, dumplings, Poon Choi, Nian Gao, pineapple, and Yee Sang have deep meaning and often symbolise something good and auspicious for the year! Speaking of Yee Sang, there is a healthier twist to the mandatory dishes! why not try replacing the ingredients with fruits? It's flavourful and you won't have to worry about artificial colouring! 


Do you ever wonder what to drink on CNY? We got you a list of the most popular drinks on Chinese New Year! They are Baijiu, Tea, Wine, Beer, Lychee Martini. However, for non alcoholic, we have a refreshing CNY drink recipes for you! Homemade Passion Tea is our favourite and it's really easy to make! You will only need one green tea bag, honey, passionfruit and hot water!

Follow these steps, 

  1. Place the tea bag into a tea pot and add the water
  2. Add as much honey as you like
  3. Add as much ice cubes as you like 
  4. Put one or two passionfruit pulp +juice 
  5. Pour over the brewed tea
  6. Stir well and serve

*Kind reminder* While enjoying sweet drinks! Don't forget to drink water and stay hydrated as you go around visiting and posing for the gram! 



As friends and family gather around, don't forget to spend time talking in person rather than looking at your phone! Whip out some cards and games or bring out the hard drinks for honest, deep conversations. Invite your friends and relatives over to your house for a chill and easy catch up or bring them out for a fancy Chinese New Year dinner at some cute restaurant!


👕Put on Sunday's Fit and chill at home

There are many things to do at home during CNY. First thing first, get your home ready for CNY! You should always have your place looking clean and neat for guests who pop by unannounced. Next, ENJOY yourself! Even if cleaning the house is not exactly your idea of fun, you can still enjoy the whole process! Put on your comfy sweatshirt, create a playlist and groove to the music while you work. After that, snack on your favourite food while you watch your favourite shows! Relax and make most out of your much needed festive break!  

 🧧Visit friends and relatives 

How can we forget the annual angpao-seeking ritual?! Since it’s the Year of the Rabbit, why not try some special greetings like 兔年大吉 (tù nián dà jí), 兔来运转 (tù lái yùn zhuǎn), and 兔飞猛进 (tù fēi měng jìn)? Who knows, you might get fatter angpaos for that ;) Besides that, you know what? Almost no family or group gathering will be complete without the traditional CNY games and activities! The most popular Chinese New Year game, without a doubt, is Majiang (Mah Jong), a game that you can play with people from all ages! Last but not least, we cannot miss playing fireworks during CNY, Although they are technically not legal in certain countries, it’s still an important part of CNY. So sit back and enjoy the show!


Hope you enjoy reading our CNY post! We wish you happiness and prosperity in this year and have a wonderful Year of the Rabbit! 兔年大吉! 

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