Top 5 Best-Dressed Influencers of CNY 2024

Top 5 Best-Dressed Influencers of CNY 2024

Whether it’s Hari Raya, Lunar New Year, or Deepavali, it goes without saying that everyone will showcase their unique and culturally inspired outfits to ring in the Year of the Dragon with flair and elegance. From traditional garments steeped in symbolism to modern interpretations blending East and West, the fashion landscape during this auspicious time has been nothing short of spectacular. Let's delve into some of the top outfits that caught the eye and stirred inspiration during this Lunar New Year celebration!


Most Nostalgic 


This bright turquoise cheongsam adorned with orange flowers is from Emcee Couture. Its cape-like sleeves along with Charis’ wavy hairstyle make her look like she stepped out of a Shanghai movie of yore! Matched with minimal and simplistic jewellery and pumps, Charis Ow exudes timeless beauty and elegance. What a befitting outfit for a traditional holiday!


Most Haute Couture 


Koe Yeet’s wardrobe this year is nothing short of amazing! On the first day of Lunar New Year, she chose a bright pink robe with a stunning fuchsia motif by Brian Khoo. It features folded sleeve cuffs inspired by the Qing dynasty, and the designer’s signature tassel at the front of the robe. This haute couture piece by the former esteemed designer assistant at Christian Dior Couture Paris falls to mid-thigh and looks pretty cute on the petite Koe Yeet. High fashion, indeed!


Most Avant-Garde 


On Christina Kuan is a most unique dark denim outfit custom-made by Behati. Reminiscent of the typical men’s samfu, it has Chinese knotted buttons running down the middle. The top part of the outfit has just three clasps across the neck, chest and abdomen, flaunting Christina’s taut abs and leaving little to the imagination. She paired it with a black Chanel Mary Jane with white bow, and the overall look matches her baby blue Porche and denim Louis Vuitton Croissant MM. This ensemble certainly earns her the ‘Most Avant-Garde’ look!


Most Preppy 


On May Ho is an exquisite floral short dress with ribbons replacing the traditional Chinese knots. The blue hues of the embellished Chiasa Bow bag by Khoon Hooi stands out against the muted reddish hues of the dress, and the puffy skirt looks really adorable! This dress paired with Zara Mary Janes and adorned with a cute hairstyle of two buns makes her the ‘Most Preppy’!


Most Edgy 


Chang Yong donned a bright and flashy red two-piece with huge Moutan Peony motifs plastered all over. While it might look gaudy on others, the outfit fits Chang Yong’s wild and energetic personality to a tee! Looking bold and suave in this eye-catching suit, Chang Yong certainly should be crowned 'Most Edgy' this CNY!


It was so hard to choose only a few to feature amongst so many beautiful outfits. Who do you think was best dressed this year? Let us know in the comments!

Once again, wishing everyone Heng, Ong, Huat from all of us at SundaysFit!


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