Top 5 picks CNY looks 2023

Top 5 picks CNY looks 2023

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It's the time of the year for reunion dinners, lion dances, and of course dressing up! CNY is the best timing for you to flex your outfits! There are so many OOTD looks from our IG feed that we couldn't take our eyes off! Check out our favourite festive outfits over the long weekend! They might just be the inspiration you need for your outfits in the next few days. (Psst, you still have one week left to show off your festive looks) So, keep reading!

1. Vanessa, IG @vanessalky_

"Do not wear black on CNY" SAYS WHO. FUEGO ALERT! Vanessa is looking gorgeous in her CNY theme corset with a black pants. Minimal but stylish, and the red prints add some spices for the festivities! Check out her top from @fetichethelabel on IG.

2. Evelyn, IG @evelyn.ramli

The Tiktok fashion icon herself in this impressive Shanghai brocade dress with a black blazer. She is giving off traditional but modern vibes! If she were to sit right across you, you would definitely fall for her. Check out the dress at on IG!

3. Angela, IG @theultimateangela

Our next muse, Angela went for a lighter tone with a minimal white dress. She paired it with gold hoop earrings. A white dress with a touch of gold! Who does it better than her?!

4. Eros, IG @fishmeatdie

Couldn't take our eyes off Eros’s look! It's one of the sleekest minimalist fashion outfits that we've ever seen. An oversized white and red buttoned shirt, white shorts, and white sneakers are simple yet loud enough to shout WOW! Of course, we need to give credits to the talented local designer @bybriankhoo

Eros is also a blogger who focuses on skincare and fashion, check out his blog here.

5. Von, IG @von115

Of course, how can we forget about Von? She is in her favourite colour pink this CNY with her signature sleek hairstyle. She is giving off oriental vibes! The stunning dress is from our local brand @thesisterhoodstudios. Check it out!

Here are our 5 top picks CNY looks! Hope this post gives you some fashion inspiration on what to wear and where to get these amazing festive pieces in Malaysia. Let us know if you would like to have more content like this. Comment below <3

Love, Aaliyah

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