The Deep Cleanse Collection Lookbook

The Deep Cleanse Collection Lookbook

🌁 In a world that often bustles with the chaos and stress of everyday life, finding moments of positivity and tranquillity has become more essential than ever. Embark on a journey of self-care, taking you through the path of growth and well-being with our new Deep Cleanse collection 🫧🌿

This collection is more than just clothing, each piece is a statement of intent – they are an embodiment of well-being, a reminder for growth, and a tribute to the art of letting go.

Sunday’s Fit also proudly presents the Deep Cleanse collection lookbook 🥳

Outfit 1: Unplug From SocMed sweatshirt 

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Our first featured design is the “Unplug From SocMed” sweatshirt. In a delicate cream colour, you’ll find gentle reminders to unplug from social media and embrace in-person relationships. The words form a contrast against the sweatshirt’s deep shade of grey. 

Pair the dark grey sweatshirt with a light tank top, cream-coloured pants and comfortable shoes in similar shades. The cream hues not only create an elegant contrast, but the colour pairing also makes the neutral outfit feel timeless. Silver accessories, such as simple rings and a delicate necklace serve as the perfect choice to accentuate the look, adding a touch of refinement.

Outfit 2: Destress Deflate sweatshirt 

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The “Destress Deflate” sweatshirt exudes a modern and fresh feel that also has an air of calmness with its light grey colour and minimal design, perfect for relaxation.

For this look, we went monochrome, pairing the sweatshirt with all-black pieces – shorts, lace-up boots, sunglasses – you name it! We channelled a comfy yet sophisticated vibe for this one, perfect for a morning coffee run in a bustling city. 

Outfit 3: Checklist 4.0 sweatshirt 

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Of course, we can’t forget our signature Sunday Checklist product, this time as a sweatshirt! The “Checklist 4.0” sweatshirt serves as a guide to deep cleansing, with little reminders to be kind, embrace gratitude, spend time in nature and reduce screen time. The vibrant red details definitely stand out against the white sweatshirt. 

We paired the “Checklist 4.0” sweatshirt with a flowy white skirt, once again combining comfort and grace. This outfit could not have been complete without more pops of red to accentuate the sweatshirt’s design, hence the red (and heart-shaped) accessories because everything about the red and white colour scheme just screams LOVE!   

Outfit 4: Cleaning in Progress tee

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Breathe new life into your mind and body with the “Cleaning in Progress” tee. Across the back, you’ll find the words “deep cleanse your body and mind”, a simple design with a powerful message to embrace the journey towards rejuvenation. 

Pair the beige “Cleaning in Progress” tee with chocolate-brown flare pants, and finish the look with chic glasses and a cosy cream coloured beanie. This monochrome brown outfit creates a sense of warmth and reliability, weaving together elements of grandeur and effortless comfort.

Outfit 5: Brb, Can’t Talk rn tee

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The “Brb, Can’t Talk rn” tee features illustrations that nod to retreats and self-care activities, inviting you to embrace relaxation and prioritise taking care of yourself. Adorning the clean, white canvas of the tee, the bright pink designs evoke a sense of playfulness and capture attention. 

This Barbie is going on a retreat for her well-being! We complemented the pink from the tee with a bubblegum pink pleated skirt and headband, not forgetting a pair of sneakers with a more subtle baby pink. To elevate this look, pair it with a classy white purse and beauty products. 

Outfit 6: Flush Your Toxins tee

sundaysfit lookbook

Lastly, a crisp white tee is the background for a statement that reads “remember to flush your toxins”. Between the words, a playful doodle of a toilet bowl adds a touch of humour and a lighthearted visual representation of the idea to let go of negativity and welcome positivity!

This look is matched with lots of deep green, from shorts to socks, and even a tote bag to bring out the shade of green found in the design of the “Flush Your Toxins” tee. Complete the look with a long grey cardigan that ties the outfit together harmoniously. As the colour of forest and trees, dark green is often associated with growth, refreshment and peace – a testament to the message this tee entails.   

And we’ve come to the end of the Deep Cleanse collection lookbook! We hope this lookbook inspired you to elevate both your life and wardrobe 😆

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