Sunday's Fit x WO Studios

Sunday's Fit x WO Studios

Pilates, an art of mindful movement; with each carefully choreographed movement, muscles tense and relax in a deliberate flow. Every action is a brushstroke, painting a canvas of strength, fluidity, and control.
What’s even better? Pair it with a cute, oversized tee from our new collection and you’ll get a whole masterpiece😉 That’s right! Sunday’s Fit is launching another collaboration collection. This launch also marks a milestone as we venture into our first-ever collaboration with a fitness service businessWO Studios.
WO Studios is a pilates studio based in Penang. They seek to provide a safe and inclusive community and place for pilates, in addition to sharing the benefits of the discipline with everyone. In this collection, we’re focusing on body empowerment with simple designs infused with aesthetics that exude confidence while providing comfort. 


“Reform, refuel, repeat” 

Remember to empower your body every day! 
This beige Pilates Club tee is just right for those that prefer subtlety and neutral tones, exuding an understated sophistication 🌱
Notice how we subtly (unsubtly) made the "W" and "O" pop out in blue 😉


“Mom, I have done my workout today. Let’s grab a cuppa coffee.” 

Express your dedication to fitness while indulging in a post-workout treat!
This crisp white tee is spiced up with a vibrant purple-blue design that adds a pop of colour and a touch of electrifying energy ⚡


 🛒Ready to join the pilates club and make the Sunday’s Fit x WO Studios collection yours? Here’s where you can grab a tee (or two!): 

  • Sunday’s Fit MINIfest Pop-Up

         Date: 22 July 2023 

  • WO Studios

          These tees will be available for individual purchase or as part of a special reformer class pack! Check out the package here!

Want to know more about WO Studios? Follow them @wo.studios or check out their website!

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