Introducing Sunday’s Grip!

The wait is over! Introducing Sunday's Grip; phone grip that spread positivity and good vibes! 

We named this pop socket collection "Nature" as we believe nature can generate many optimistic emotions, such as calmness and joy! It's a perfect match with our brand image!

Six designs
Von took the background photos while she travelled around Europe.
She chose the scenes that inspired her, and the photos were taken in Edinburg, the Scottish Highlands, London, Oia (Greece) and also her home ground, Kuala Lumpur. Do you recognise any of the scenes from her stories?

Sunday's Fit is a spirited brand that promotes positivity and motivation to our audiences. That's why we want our fans to carry the message/self-affirmation quotes with them.

We know we’re inseparable from our phones!
As people nowadays are with their phones 24/7, we hope our message on the pop socket will lighten up them or the people around them! Stick them to your phones and spread positivity!

Check out our Sunday’s Grip at our website now! Each of our pop socket comes with an uplifting quote in different shapes. Choose your favourite one and spread the positivity!




xoxo, CharisV

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