Dress to Impress: Where to Get Outfits for Raya 2024

Dress to Impress: Where to Get Outfits for Raya 2024

🌟 Hari Raya Aidilfitri, also known as Eid al-Fitr, is a joyous celebration for Muslims across the globe. One of the most exciting parts of every celebration is shopping for the perfect outfit for the festivities, and this is no different! Whether you’re hosting an open house, visiting relatives, or simply dressing up for fun, look no further because we’ll be sharing a list of places where you can get classy and casual outfits that are sure to impress 😉



Focusing on elegance, style, and modesty with a modern twist is LARNEY, a luxury-oriented fashion brand established in Malaysia! Their ‘Regal Raya’ collection features 'Ethereal Embroidery’ which showcases fabrics with simple and intricate designs, ‘Premium Neat Pleats’ featuring various silhouettes of kebayas and caftans for a sleek and classy look, ‘Luxe Prints’ patterned with flowers and swirls, and ‘Aerial & Applique’ for something more classic and flowy.  

🛒 Shop online here or visit their physical stores located in Setia City Mall, Bangsar Shopping Centre, IOI City Mall, and at Parkson Elite Pavilion and Isetan KLCC. 


This year, the team at Saoi has dreamed up a wardrobe– ‘memoir 90’an’– inspired by both the coquette aesthetic and the 90s. The collection features kebayas and kurung panjangs, each highlighting romantic elements such as puff sleeves, ribbons, and pastel (pinks). Saoi even has bags and shoes for you to live your best traditional, coquette girl life!

🛒 Click here to shop online

Hani Mokhta 



Hani Mokhta has launched the ‘Primadonna’ collection for Raya 2024! The pieces are available in cheery, playful shades of coral, mint, sky blue, and lilac that is sure to light up the whole room. Designs range from florals to geometric patterns imbued on silk, to detailed and delicate lace. For a super cute family portrait, certain styles come in both adult and kid sizes for a matchy mother and daughter outfit! 

🛒 Shop online here 

Syomirizwa Gupta

A Raya outfit from the ‘Oolalla Tropika’ collection by Syomirizwa Gupta is sure to make you stand out among the crowd! From the bold prints inspired by the 80s and eye-catching, vivid colours to traditional and modern silhouettes, there’s something for everyone. 

🛒 Click here to shop

Kapten Batik

Kapten Batik features clothes where traditional batik meets today’s modern and contemporary style, focusing on creating batik pieces that ‘you can wear everyday’ – perfect for having an outfit that slays during a festivity, but also on a daily basis! Their designs are unique, starring geometric and floral patterns. Despite focusing on the men’s fashion, their range of batiks have expanded to women’s and kids too! 

🛒 Shop online here or visit their physical stores located in Publika Shopping Gallery, Bangsar Shopping Centre, The Curve, Isetan KLCC and more. 


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