Best Spots to Take Pictures with the Petronas Twin Towers

Best Spots to Take Pictures with the Petronas Twin Towers

🌆🏢 Buildings of steel and glass reach towards the sky, their gleaming facades reflecting the ebb and flow of the bustling city life below. Congested highways and crowded walkways pulse with the rhythm of one massive heartbeat. In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Twin Towers stand against the majestic tapestry of a city skyline, unfurled against the horizon.

Having long been the star of countless photographs, postcards, and social media feeds, the Petronas Twin Towers is no stranger to the spotlight 🔦 And there is no doubt that the allure of these majestic structures have captured the attention of many. But with such an iconic landmark, taking the perfect photo can be a little… difficult 😫

Whether you’re a professional photographer, just looking to capture memories of your visit, or want to add some ✨spice✨ to your Instagram feed, come along with us as we take you through the best photo spots to ensure you get the perfect shot with the Petronas Twin Towers! 

🤫 Psst… here’s a secret: read until the end to find out a hidden location for some breathtaking photos 😉 

1. Platinum Park

🌤️ The sun’s golden rays filter through a blanket of clouds, creating a subdued and ethereal feel to the surroundings as the sky radiates with a softer, more diffused light. Freeze the moment of the Petronas Twin Towers among the cityscape from a different angle as the buildings glint in the light. 



📌 Waze: Search “Platinum Park”. 

If you’re seeking a stunning spot to photograph the Petronas Twin Towers that is straightforward and easy to navigate, look no further than Platinum Park! As you approach the areas, you’ll notice Naza Tower on your right and COCOdry on your left. The photo spot is conveniently located right in front of COCOdey, offering an amazing vantage point to capture a photo with the Petronas Twin Towers in all their glory!


2. KLCC park 

🌇 As daylight fades away and the sun dips below the city’s edge, casting the sky in deeper shades of blue, the skyline awakens, slowly illuminating as buildings begin to glow against the encroaching night, a canvas of light and shadows. Capture the twin towers aglow against the backdrop of the city’s greenery🌳📸 


📌 Waze: Set your location to “KLCC Park”. 

If you’re driving, you can park your car at the designated carpark. Make your way towards the park and you will come across a playground in front of you. To get to the perfect photo spot, turn left after you see the playground and continue walking straight, passing by a hut. You’ll reach an open area that offers a clear, unobstructed view of KLCC after a short 2-3 minute walk.  


3. KSK building 

🏙️ Taken in between the black and white stripes of a zebra crossing in the midst of the city, a photo at this hidden spot encapsulates the essence of urban life. Concrete buildings line the streets, a pathway leading to the Petronas Twin Towers, perfectly framing the structure as it stands out against the scene. 

Best spot to take picture with petronas twin towers

Now, for the secret spot will lead you to an extraordinary photo opportunity 🤩 These stunning photos were taken in the middle of the zebra crossing between the KSK building and another building. As you gaze around, you’ll discover a range of cafes and event spaces like Slate@TheRow. The vibrant atmosphere is complemented by pleasurable dining options at cafes and restaurants such as Bricks and Bread, Tapestry, and Kooky Plate 🍴

📌 Waze: Search “KSK Building” and it will lead you directly to the spot. 

If you happen to spot “Kooky Plate” first while approaching from a different direction, simply pass by the cafe and continue straight. Soon, you’ll arrive at the KSK building. Turn around and you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view of KLCC. 

So, get your cameras and outfits ready to capture some extraordinary and breathtaking photographs with the Petronas Twin Towers! 📸


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