Editor's Pick: Best Raya Looks of 2024

Editor's Pick: Best Raya Looks of 2024

“Selamat Hari Raya” resounds throughout the celebration of Eid – a month filled with warm greetings at open houses and delectable food. Needless to say, it’s another time of the year where people enjoy the festivities while dressed to the nines.  

Today, we’ll be checking out some of the best Raya outfits (in our opinion)! 


1. Arisa Soraya, @arisasoraya

Woah! Arisa stuns in her gorgeous black outfit embellished with rhinestones and intricate patterns. Her outfit is definitely one that stands out, absolutely stealing your gaze! 


2. Alyssa Johaan, @alyssajohaan

Alyssa is dressed in the Amara Kurung by @petitmoi.my. From the floral patterns to the ruffles and ribbon, her outfit is the perfect blend of coquette and cottagecore! We’re also loving the silver ribbon detail on her shoes from @aminamuaddiofficial, which gives her outfit a little extra touch of classiness! 


 3. Chryseis Tan, @chrystan_x

Isn’t this photo cute? Chryseis Tan and family have graced us with matching Raya pastel pink-purple outfits. Their outfits are definitely a classic! 


 4. Shalma Ainaa & Wan Imar Izzat, @shalmaainaa & @wanimarizzat

Both dressed in @shals.kl, this couple takes the spotlight for simple yet stylish outfits! Matching in neutral shades, Wan Imar Izzat is wearing a deep forest green set, which complements Shalma Ainaa’s white and light brown outfit. The sunglasses definitely add a flair and give them a cooler vibe!


 5. Qiu Wen, @qiuwen1014  

Lastly, we have Qiu Wen, with a beautiful flowy light sage green dress. Minimal yet detailed with the pleated fabric and lace cuffs, it just screams effortlessly elegant! Her outfit is from @hijabista.hub.   


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