5 Partner Costumes to Try This Halloween

5 Partner Costumes to Try This Halloween

Beneath the amber skies that soon fade to twilight, the air becomes crisp 🌖 The mysterious and enchanting season of Halloween emerges from the shadows once again. Moonlight dances with the unknown, and the streets echo with laughter and ghostly tales 👻

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing five partner costumes you should try this Halloween 🎃 

1. Barbie & Ken 

Come on Barbie, let’s go party! (And don’t forget Ken)

Barbie and Ken have been a part of pop culture for decades, making them a fun and recognisable choice. But with the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie earlier this year, Barbie inspired Halloween costumes are the talk of the town. So, it’s only natural that Barbie and Ken would make a great partner costume.

Barbie’s outfit features a light pink and white gingham dress, mirroring her timeless style. Don’t forget the accessories – a pink seashell necklace and matching earrings – to add a touch of glamour! As for Ken, the costume calls for a pink and green beach shirt and short set. 

2. Wednesday Addams & Enid Sinclair

The next Halloween costume inspired by the intriguing world of Netflix’s comedy horror series Wednesday is perfect for duos with contrasting personalities – just like Wednesday Addams and her friend/roommate Enid Sinclair!

Wednesday’s costume is a reflection of her dark and morbid persona, featuring a black and white striped top, paired with a black skirt. And because the more dark elements the better, layer an oversized black jacket over the outfit. Enid, on the other hand, radiates a vibrant and bubbly personality with a rainbow sherbet colour scheme. Her costume consists of a long-sleeved striped sweater in pink, orange and yellow, a dainty floral skirt, and bright yellow Converse. 

3. Pennywise and Georgie 

What’s Halloween without a little bit of horror? 

Dressing up as Pennywise and Georgie from Stephen King’s IT is the perfect excuse for horror fans to flaunt their dark and macabre-loving nature! Pair a renaissance-esque white blouse with puffy sleeves (and red pom poms) and a ruffled white skirt for a clown-like costume that can be worn even after Halloween (sans the red pom poms). Of course, makeup is essential to this spine-chilling look. Start with white face paint as a base, then draw on a blood-red, exaggerated smile for a disturbing and eerie appearance. Georgie’s costume is relatively simple, consisting of a yellow raincoat and blue jeans. 

4. Masquerade Ball

If you and your partner love sophistication and elegance, consider a masquerade ball costume. 

There are many fancy and elaborate options for this costume but we decided on a gold and white theme. For the gentlemen, layer a light gold tailcoat that exudes refinement with a pristine white vest adorned with gold buttons and tailored white pants. Black gloves add mystique to this ensemble, and if you’re feeling extra, bring along a faux sword as a prop! Girlies can complement this look in a champagne-hued dress with graceful swirls that create an air of enchantment. Remember the matching masquerade masks because it can’t be a masquerade without them!

5. Vampires 

Lastly, we’re going back to classic supernatural Halloween costumes with a contemporary twist on vampires.

For the girls, start with an elegant black shrug embellished with delicate lace details, and underneath, don a blood-red corset top. Pair this with an asymmetrical black skirt, flowing long at the back and artfully shorter in the front, not only adding a dramatic flair to the costume, but also to show off knee-length crimson boots that make a bold statement. For the guys, picture a black tailcoat and vest, evoking an air of timeless charm. Layer this with a deep red silk, long-sleeve button-up shirt to add a dash of rich colour. Embrace the classic vampire persona with a haunting touch which entails fangs and fake blood. 

🏚️ Step through the doorway, if you dare, onto a stage with endless possibilities and a chance to become someone entirely different.

We hope you’ll give these costumes a try 😊 Let us know which one is your favourite! 

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