We would like to take a moment of silence to show respect to the late Jane Imbo.

She is the mother of one of our co- founder; Jason Ong. She has rested her soul on 7th June 2021. She was an incredible person. She treated everyone with kindness and her signature beautiful smile. Her outlook on life was inspiring. We want to express our gratitude to her for everything she did for us.

The timeline of her sickness journey and the launching of Sunday’s Fit was coincidentally similar. It has been a year since the idea of Sunday’s fit clothing line emerged last June in 2020 while she was diagnosed with cancer at the same time. The brand is highly inspired by her resilience throughout the journey. She was one of the strongest and bravest women we have ever known. Despite all the ups and downs, she never gave up on pursuing effective treatments, prolonged life and a cure. She rarely complained about the painful process of the treatments. Instead, she assured us that she was completely fine. She embraced each day with faith and optimism which makes us feel proud of her. She has fought a beautiful war against her illness and she is in a better place now with no more suffering.  

Today, we celebrate a brave woman who raised 3 beautiful children. We are grateful for the things she taught us. Our heart is saddened by this loss, but we are committed to keeping her memory alive. Her beautiful personal traits will be remembered forever.