10 Eras 10 Outfits

10 Eras 10 Outfits

👋🏻 Nice to meet you, where you been? We can show you incredible things: magic, madness, heaven – no, in today’s blog post, we’re sharing 10 outfit ideas inspired by each Taylor Swift album! 


Taylor Swift 🪕💚

For the outfits, we were inspired by both the country style of the album, and the album cover design – featuring Taylor against a blue and green background with butterflies!

The outfits have a simple and summery vibe to them 🌞, featuring either a white ruffled hem dress, or a mint blue summer dress. Of course, we had to include a country element with a cowgirl hat and boots! Accessorise with blue, green or teal bracelets and butterfly 🦋 hair pins to add more colour to your outfit. 


Fearless 💛🫶

The next set of outfits are inspired by Taylor Swift’s second album – Fearless!

🎶And I don’t know why but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless. 

The first two outfits inspired by this album are dresses – gold and shimmery. The sparklier the better ✨✨ A sequined gold dress or a gold fringed dress does the trick. Pair the dress with some white boots adorned with gold stars, and you’ve got a quick and easy Fearless outfit ready to go!

Fearless is home to some of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs like ‘Love Story’ and ‘You Belong With Me’. We drew inspiration from the latter’s music video – recreating the Junior Jewels outfit! Simply get a white tee and doodle on with cloth markers! Pair your DIY-ed Junior Jewels shirt with a plaid skirt (or plaid pyjama pants if you want to stay true to the music video), white Converse 👟 and glasses 👓


Speak Now 🎇💜

Now, onto some enchanting purple Speak Now outfit ideas that will hopefully make sparks fly when people see you 😉

👗These outfits are inspired by the Taylor Swift’s iconic Speak Now dress. Try out a light purple dress with a corset-esque top and a ruffled bottom. If dresses are not for you, pair a dark purple ruched top with a layered white skirt! Add more purple to your outfit with butterfly earrings and hair clips! 


Red 🧣🎸

❤️ For the first Red inspired outfit, start with a red cami top and a black A-line faux leather skirt. To finish up the outfit, put on some red leather boots and red rimmed sunglasses 🕶️

If you prefer the more autumny vibes associated with Red (Taylor’s Version), wear a white peplum top and a red denim skirt. Layer the Red (Taylor’s Version) cardigan over the outfit for a more cozy feel.


1989 🩵🗽

There are quite a few options for the 1989 inspired outfits, but we decided to go for a simpler one and another with a bit more sparkles and spice 🌟! Both of these outfits are two-pieces. For the first outfit, wear a light blue twist-front crop top and a pleated white skirt, complete the look with a silver 1989 necklace and white Nike Air Forces with a blue accent 🩵The next outfit is reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s costume for her 1989 set during the concert – a light blue fringed and sequined top and skirt set!


reputation 📰🖤

With reputation, we had to make these outfits cool and edgy, while making sure that people would say “you’re so gorgeous.” 

🗞️ Layer a black faux leather jacket over a dress designed with newspaper prints, just like the reputation album cover. The next outfit is all-black – combine a black fringed top with a pair of black leather pants 🖤 To perfectly finish the look on both outfitsss, put on sssome sssnake desssigned accessoriesss 🐍 

If you’d like, feel free to switch up the outfits! Try a newspaper designed top paired with the black pants instead of wearing a dress. The possibilities are endless and we’d love to see what you come up with!


Lover 💐💗

When we think of Lover, we think of the colour pink 🩷 and lots of hearts 💖

That’s what we kept in mind when coming up with the first outfit idea. Wear a bright pink heart top adorned with pearls for the top, and pair it with a pink pleated denim skirt! For accessories, get a pair of super cute pink plastic glasses. Try to have as many hearts as possible! 

The album cover for Lover has shades of light, blue and yellow, reminiscent of clouds in the sky ☁️ and we thought that this sweet, pastel-coloured puff sleeve fluffy dress was the perfect fit for an outfit inspired by the album cover! Pair it with white boots and pearl earrings in the shape of a heart. Bonus points if you recreate Taylor’s heart eye-makeup 😉


folklore 🌿💫

For the first folklore outfit, we channelled our inner cottagecore aesthetic. Wear a light beige puff sleeve blouse (with floral or leaf designs) with a long flowy white skirt. To enhance the woodlands, foresty vibe of folklore, put on a simple leaf or flower crown! 

🪩 The song ‘mirrorball’ is the inspiration for the second outfit, which is almost quite literally a mirrorball. Start with a dress lined with silver sequins, shimmering beautiful, and pair it with metallic silver leather platform boots, so you can stand on your tallest tiptoes and spin on your highest heels. Keeping with the theme, we’ve got to add little disco ball earrings to complete the look. This is definitely an outfit that shines just for you 🎶


evermore 🍂🧡

This album reminded us of autumn and dark academia, which was the direction we went in for the outfits. 

🤎 Pair a plain beige corset with long brown pants, then layer a brown, plaid long sleeve over the outfit. If you’d like something shorter, try a cream or white coloured cable knit sweater vest with a brown pleated skirt! For accessories, we think that mushroom earrings 🍄 or a light brown newsboy cap would go well with the outfits.


Midnights 🕰️💙

We’ve reached Taylor’s latest album (for now) and we have two more outfit ideas! 

🌃 The first outfit consists of a dark (or midnight) blue satin dress with a white faux fur jacket. If you’re a Swiftie, you might know that this is inspired by Taylor’s VMAs party outfit. So, if you’d like to make your outfit more similar to hers, embroider some stars onto the dress, or simply use iron-on patches ⭐

Finally, the last outfit – start with a navy blue corset decorated with celestial designs 💫🌙 and pair it with some white flare pants. Once again, don’t forget to accessorise with lots of stars!


Whether you’re having a Taylor Swift themed party, or simply dressing up for fun, we hope you’ll give these outfits a try! If you’re going to the Eras Tour, let us know which era you’ll be going as 😊

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