April Girl Power Sunday - feat. Evelyn Ramli

April Girl Power Sunday - feat. Evelyn Ramli

Meet Evelyn Ramli, an Indonesian content creator based in Malaysia, whose journey into content creation began unexpectedly with a viral TikTok video. From a modest following, she explored various niches before settling on fashion, where her authenticity resonated with viewers. Join us as we delve into Evelyn's story of growth, resilience, and the pursuit of diverse dreams.



  1. Please introduce yourself and tell us how you got started as a Content Creator.

Hi! My name is Evelyn Ramli, and I’m an Indonesian content creator based in Malaysia. I came across content creation completely by accident—on May 1st, 2021. (I still remember the date, haha!) I posted this random editing video on TikTok as it was a trend on TikTok then, and it went viral (I think over 8M views?). Previously, I had less than 1k followers on Instagram and 100 followers on TikTok, but this video boosted my numbers, and I saw an opportunity through TikTok that I never previously considered. I tried different niches like photo tips, posing tips, Instagram hacks, and finally landed on fashion because it was the one my followers and new viewers enjoyed the most. This was when the TikTok algorithm was still pretty good, so the engagement was very natural, and I got a lot of real feedback from random viewers. I implemented their ideas and started taking inspiration from other creators I admire, and it just snowballed from there! 


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  1. How do you stay motivated and come up with fresh ideas for your content?

I’ve definitely hit slumps and burnout in content creation, but I stay motivated by remembering who I’m creating content for—ME. When I began, I saw a lot of my content as little digital diary entries on my outfits and fashion journey, and it’s because I had no fashion sense when I was younger. A big part of the reason behind my content is that I hope to be an inspiration to a younger version of myself: feeling insecure about how she looks and unconfident because she doesn’t have a good style. I felt like creating content and growing my fashion sense helped me become more confident in myself, and I hope that I can help other young girls experience that growth. I’m growing and learning along with my audience and remembering that feeling and my initial thoughts behind my videos really motivates me. 

I think in this day and age, there’s not really any such thing as “originality”. Even with theatre music, so many things have already been done by someone else, somewhere else. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I get a lot of inspiration from other fashion and lifestyle content creators! Just swiping through my feed on TikTok or Instagram for 15 minutes gives me so many new ideas I can’t wait to try out for myself! 



  1. As an expat content creator in Malaysia, what are the biggest challenges you’re facing today?

My biggest challenge as an expat is honestly the visa. After I completed my studies, I didn’t have a work visa because I wanted to do content creation full-time, but there’s no “job” or work visa for that in Malaysia. Because of that, I had to go back and forth between my home country and Malaysia for around eight months. 


  1. How do you engage with your followers and build a loyal community on social media?

I try my best to respond to all my comments and direct messages and also to leave comments on other people’s content, especially those that have inspired me! I think that my honesty on Instagram stories helps a lot too, but it’s honestly because I’m a yapper who loves to overshare, haha!


  1. Was there a point where you almost gave up as a content creator but didn’t – what kept you going?

In the second year of my undergraduate degree, I had a hard time with my final examinations and essays, and juggling posting every day while staying on top of my studies was extremely challenging. For almost 6 months prior, I posted every day, but because I was stressed about my assignment, I missed a week of posting and I felt really bad about it. There was also another time where my account got hacked and I lost it for a little more than a month, so that was scary! 


  1. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out as a content creator?

1️⃣Create systems for content creation and posting, and make sure they’re realistic. They should suit your current lifestyle, so you don’t get burnt out by unattainable expectations.

2️⃣Don’t focus on the numbers. If your content is good, people will take note, so don’t worry.

3️⃣ Content is king but so is consistency. You don’t need to post every day, but you should post consistently at the beginning. Consistency helps you build a better relationship with your audience and a strong relationship with yourself.

4️⃣Don’t underestimate the amount of discipline it will take!

5️⃣Remember that social media is volatile. There’s always an ebb and flow; maybe for four months, my views are all high, and my content performs well, but for the next two months, growth is stagnant and maybe even going backwards. That’s normal, though! Social media is always changing and trying to outdo/update itself, and the stagnancy could honestly be because of algorithm updates and changes.



  1. What would you have done differently if you could go back and do it again?

Haha! There’s a lot I would change; for example, for some assignments, I would’ve dedicated more time to them rather than my content, but it’s already happened, so I try not to hold onto any regrets. I would definitely charge more for some clients, though, because they really lowball creators sometimes :/


  1. What are your future goals and aspirations in life?

I’m at a point now where I still really enjoy content creation, but I am very curious about other career paths. I want to try everything, from teaching, to maybe public speaking and even marketing or writing children’s books. I think my future goal is to give all of my dreams a chance. Content creation wasn’t originally one of them, but being a content creator has given me some of the best experiences and highest “highs” so far, and I’m excited to see what other career paths could offer me. 


  1. If your life was a movie, which character would play you and why?

Maybe it’s because I just finished “Fight My Way” K-drama, but the character Choi Ae-ra (played by Kim Ji-won) really inspired me. She was a bit lost and stuck in a job she didn’t want, but after struggling and working hard, she finally achieved her dream, though through unconventional means. What another character said to her (Ko Dong-man played by Park Seo-joon) really resonated with me: “Isn’t where you’re happy the mainstream for you? So… Just go with the thing that makes your heart beat faster.”

I'm at a crossroads. A part of me believes that content creation is the path I should go on, but I can’t help but wonder if other jobs will give me a different or bigger fire. I want to see what job (if any) makes my heart beat faster, but I feel like it may come at the cost of the opportunities content creation has created for me. For the past few years, content creation has been such a blessing, and it’s been something that I never thought I could achieve. I want to hold on to it but also give my other childhood dreams a chance. Though uncertain, I won't deny myself the opportunity to pursue what feels right. If I have a thought or desire, I will definitely go for it because I know I deserve my best. 


  1. What is one thing people don’t know about you?

When I was younger, I twisted my right leg and both arms (not at the same time, haha!). One of my arms was from a childhood mistake, the other was from playing soccer, and the leg was from touch rugby, haha! 


  1. What is the best quote that you live by?

Ooo! I don’t know if this is the best quote but the first one that comes to mind is “no one is you and that is your power.” 



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