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  • 7 acts of self-care to try this weekend

    Are you feeling stressed or burnt out from your hectic week? It's time to give yourself some love and care! Self-care is not only a way to relax and unwind, but it's also essential for maintaining a healthy mind and body. This weekend, take a break from your busy schedule, and give yourself the care you deserve with these seven acts of self-care to try this weekend!
  • March Girl Power Sunday - feat. Shalini

    This month, we will be kickstarting our first monthly feature—Girl Power Sunday! Read and discover more about our first Girl Power, Shalini, the brains and hands behind Cocoa Collections!
  • Where to flaunt your Sunday's Fit this March

    Six events in March that you can wear your comfy Sunday’s Fit and hang out with friends or go on a date!
  • The Habit Collection - The collection designed to help you build better habits

    Ready to transform your life with good daily routines for the new year? Our latest collection will make you a walking 'good habit guru'!
  • 5 more days to our next event!

    On 11th Feb 23, Sunday's Fit will be having a pop-up event with CocoaCollections and this time is for the Valentine's Day! Check out our blog post to find out more about our surprise launch and other Valentine’s Day perks!
  • What to do on a Sunday Chor Yat?

    Eating food, visit relatives, chill at home, Continue reading to find out more what you can do during your Chor yat here!
  • Introducing Sunday’s Blog

    Say Hello 👋 to Sunday’s Blog, our official lifestyle blog!